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Cossack ensemble “Russian Will” presents unique performances for weddings!
Incendiary wedding, drinking and humorous songs!
Bright and spectacular dance numbers!
Personnel and games with the audience!
Tricks with fighting sabers!
Cossack ceremonies, bride and meeting of young!


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Cossack choir “Russian Will” presents concerts for anniversaries!
Favorite lyric, hiking and gulebnye Cossack songs!
The rite of initiation into the hero of the day Cossacks!
Reciprocating fancy riding, fighting in the drafts and whip!
Staged choreography and traditional dancing!
Checker, his cap, dagger or burka in birthday gift!


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Folklore Cossack ensemble “Russian Will” is saturated, spectacular performances for corporate events!
The best songs of the Cossacks of the Don, Kuban, Terek, Zaporozhye!
Training and workshops on dance!
Cossack games and fun, fights and competitions with guests!


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Recitals by the Cossack Ensemble “Russian Will”!
Statements made in any concert venues!
Products from 15 minutes to 2 hours!
Spectacular scenic rooms!
Thematic concert programs: carnival, New Year, February 23, May 9 and others!
Adaptive technical rider!

Options for the composition and repertoire Cossack ensemble

1) Standard composition:
Number of artists: 7-10 people.
Instruments: accordion, tambourine, drum.
Accompaniment: Minus or acoustic, a cappella.
2) Full composition:
Number of artists: 13-15 people.
Tools: Bayan, balalaika, guitar, drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, trombone, flute, zhaleyka, tambourine, drum Caucasus.
Accompaniment: Fully live sound in an orchestra or a cappella

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Our clients

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Dear Friends, Moscow Cossack Choir “Russian Will” decorate a holiday at any level. The band members are highly-professional actors and musicians who have received recognition in many concert halls of the country and abroad. The ensemble has performed for such companies and organizations as Gazprom, Lukoil, Office of the President, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Interior Ministry, the GRU, the Russian Railways, Moscow State University, landrover, BOSCO, Viasat, the Russian Embassy in Kuwait, NGOs ENGINEERING, Smile, Clover Estate, SUNLIGHT, JUNWEX, ESAB, agricultural holding “Ruza milk” Eco Bazaar, 21 – th International Oil Congress, Good Wood, Artis, Hyundai Motor, AvtoVAZ, Marriott, Radisson, Metropol, Swissotel, Goldenring, Crowne Plaza, Lotte Hotel, Atlas Park Hotel Arthurs Spa Hotel Imperial Park Hotel, Congress Hotel, GUM, Holiday Inn, Restaurant Yar hotel “National”, Moscow State Historical Museum, Hotel Moscow Patriarchate, etc.

Briefly about us

Dear visitors of the site! For complete information about the history of the team, the repertoire, the merits and rewards invite to section “About Us” . The “Photo” and ” Video “ collected the best photos and videos from various concerts and events. Technical Rider is available for download at “Rider” . Download video without contact and the name can be read “not branded video”
Site Cossack Choir “Russian Will” – is not only his trademark, but also serves as a source of information for people interested in the history, life, traditions, songs and culture of the Cossacks. The site contains a variety of interesting materials, including rare sources about the life and customs of the Cossacks. Full list of materials in “More” .

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