Office party with the Cossack ensemble “Russian Vill”

An office party with Cossack ансамблем" Russian Volya"
the Office party with the Cossack ensemble” Russian Will”

Dear friends! The Cossack ensemble “Russian Volya” offers thematic performances in the Russian national and Cossack style! Bright and incendiary Cossack songs and dances will become the best decoration of corporate holidays! A concert of the Cossack ensemble will become worthy addition of any business meeting, whether it be conference, the summit, the congress or meeting! Performance of the Cossack chorus “Russian Volya” is unique show the program underlining the Russian color. It perfectly will be suitable for actions with participation of foreign colleagues and partners in business!

the Office party with the Cossack chorus!

Corporate holiday in any organization this whole event for the head and for all staff of firm. In the company New Year’s evening and birthday of the organization by right are considered as the most popular holidays. And here, very important part of a holiday – show the program. Having invited to an office party the Cossack ensemble “Russian Volya”, you receive bright, picturesque and flashing performance! These are the Cossack and Russian national songs, spectacular dances, masterly tricks with sabers and whips, traditional competitions and games, the master – classes, ceremonial actions, ancient entertainments, quadrilles and other interactive numbers. The show very dynamically and constantly captures guests new paints! The audience with great pleasure becomes participants of the concert program. Performance can take place both the uniform block, and several exits for 15, 20, 30 and more minutes and can be entered in the general scenario and scope of action. The concert program of the Cossack folklore ensemble “Russian Volya” on corporate evening perfectly promotes strengthening of friendship among the staff of the company and introduces the atmosphere of a holiday and fun!

An office party with Cossack ансамблем" Russian Volya"
the Office party with the Cossack ensemble” Russian Will”

Performance for foreigners!

How to decorate the important business I will welcome or conference with participation foreign guests the Russian color? Of course, incendiary performance of the Cossack chorus “Russian Volya”! The Cossacks – are the brightest representative of the Russian traditional culture with its unique variety of music, songs, dances! The image of the Cossacks most precisely transfers national color and in the brightest paints shows the Russian character! Foreign guests will be subdued a polyphonic choral singing and spectacular dancing numbers. Interactive numbers with the audience, pair quadrilles and other various entertainments will become especially unexpected for them. In spite of the fact that not many foreign listeners know Russian, performance at the intuitive level conveys meaning and images of the events.

An office party with Cossack ансамблем" Russian Volya"
the Office party with the Cossack ensemble” Russian Will”

Meeting VIP of persons!

Grand welcome the VIP of persons or foreign guests will become even brighter together with ensemble of the Cossack song and the dance “Russian Volya”! Hospitality is very ancient tradition and personifies set of cultural and national heritage. At Cossacks, as well as at many others, nationalities welcomed the guest, as loved one. Was considered that the guest is the envoy Bozhy. To it the special attention and respect was shown. The Russian Volya ensemble will welcome guests on all canons and traditions! Songs, dances by bread salt and wine! Performance – the meeting will leave pleasant impressions and will promote productive business negotiations.

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