Options for the composition of the collective repertoire and technical rider

Cossack Ensemble of Song and Dance “Russian Will” offers two options for the composition of artists. Each part is focused on a specific task and includes a concert different technical and social conditions.

1. Standard composition:
Ingredients 7 to 9 artists (2-3 girls and boys 5-6).
The format of presentation: minus one, voice, accordion, tambourine. Perhaps a cappella performance.
The team is able to work for any length and format of the event.
Specifications: Sound from 1.5 kW, mixing console 8 channels.
Technical rider (standard composition) – скачать

2. Full composition:
The composition of 12 to 15 performers.
Chorus – Girls 2-3, 5-7 guys.
Orchestra -4 guy.
On request, the group can be increased.
The format of the speech – full live sound: voice, accordion, guitar, balalaika, drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, trombone, flute, zhaleyka, tambourine.
The team is able to work for any length and format of the event.
Technical rider (full composition) – download

1. Everyone, everyone was pleased with the boy (Don Cossacks dance tune)
2. Prolyagala way path (hiking Don Cossacks)
3. Oh, frost, frost (Cossack gulebnaya with pripevki)
4. unharnessed horses lads (the Zaporozhye Cossacks dance tune)
5. Oh, when the meadow (Kuban Cossacks – love)
6. Do not come to me spring (a Cossack song)
7. When we were at war (Author – David Samoilov)
8. At the gates of pine green (Plyasova Siberian Cossacks)
9. House is over the river (Waltz)
10. Oh, the river runs (comic Don Cossacks)
11. Semenovna (couplets)
12. Sing, girl, stand (Plyasova Don Cossacks)
13. Shotel Turkish war (hiking Terek Cossacks)
14. There were two brothers (lyrical)
15. I Czerniawa (Comic Kuban Cossacks)
16. Ljubo, brothers (lyrics)
17. That bullet whizzed
18. Dance of the “eagle”
19. Do not PAYG tuchushki (a capella – Greben Cossacks)
20. Cossack heart (Cossack romance)
21. Forgive me, dear (A. Nikolsky)
22. Black Crow
23. Oysya you oysya
24. Pantelei
25. Went Cossack beyond the Danube

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